Use GPS on the Cr-48

  1. Set your Cr-48 to Developer Mode by using the instructions herecr48gps.jpg

  2. Click on the WiFi status bar (top right corner) and confirm that Cellular is not disabled

  3. Open a command prompt by pressing ctrl + alt + → (→ is the forward arrow where the F2 key would normally be)

  4. Type chronos then hit enter

  5. Type sudo su then hit enter

  6. Turn GPS on by typing initctl start gpsd then hitting enter

  7. View the simple command-line GPS display by typing cgps then hitting enter

  8. If you get an error such as 'no gpsd running or network error: -6, can't connect to host/port pair' shut down and restart your Cr-48

  9. Find an open area and wait for a GPS satellite lock

  10. When you are finished, press q to quit

  11. Type initctl stop gpsd then hit enter

  12. Type exit then hit enter

  13. Type exit again then hit enter

  14. Press ctrl + alt + ← (← is the back arrow where the F1 key would normally be) to return to the normal Chrome OS interface

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