Set Cr-48 to Developer Mode

  1. Turn off the computer.

  2. Remove the battery.

  3. To the right of the battery contacts is a small piece of black tape. Remove the tape. (See photograph below.)

  4. There is a white switch under the tape. For User Mode, the switch is away from the battery contacts.

  5. Use a pen or paper clip to push the switch toward the battery contacts.

  6. Replace the battery and start the computer.

  7. A warning message will display (see screenshot below). Press ctrl + d to proceed past it. If you do nothing the computer will eventually beep and proceed into Developer Mode.

  8. On first boot the computer will wipe itself and replace the image with a developer copy. This process takes approximately 5 minutes.

  9. You will need to go though the initial setup process again.

  10. Once you are logged in, you can open a command prompt by pressing ctrl + alt + → (→ is the forward arrow where the F2 key would normally be)

  11. Login at the prompt by typing chronos then hit enter.

  12. Type sudo su then hit enter.

  13. You can now execute commands. Type help for a list of commands.

  14. To return to the graphical interface, press ctrl + alt + ← (← is the back arrow where the F1 key would normally be)