Reseat SSD Cable

Reseat the Solid-State Drive (SSD) Cable

If your Cr-48 begins exhibiting strange symptoms like random freezes or errors and you are unable to successfully restore the Chrome OS with a recovery drive, the ribbon cable attaching the SSD may have worked loose. Follow this guide to reseat the cable to correct this problem.

A video demonstrating this procedure can be viewed here.

  1. Open the Cr-48 case by following the guide here

  2. Identify the SSD ribbon cable using the first photograph below

  3. Remove the retaining screw in the SSD shown in the second photograph below

  4. Carefully slide the SSD out of its socket and then gently push it back in

  5. Replace the retaining screw

  6. Trace the ribbon cable back to where it connects to the motherboard

  7. Gently lift each side of clamp where the cable attaches to the motherboard to release the cable

    • Note how the ribbon cable and clamp are oriented to one another so you can put them back properly in the next steps
  8. Gently slide the cable out of the connector

    • Note: the cable is secured to the case with adhesive - lift it away carefully
  9. Gently slide the cable back into its receptacle and replace the clamp to secure it

  10. Reassemble the case


  • cr48ssd.jpg