Disable Power Management on the Cr-48

To prevent your Cr-48 from going into Suspend Mode even if the lid is closed, you can disable power management.

  1. Set your Cr-48 to Developer Mode using the instructions here

  2. Log in to Chrome OS and press ctrl + alt + → (→ is the forward arrow where the F2 key would normally be)

  3. Type chronos and press enter

  4. Type sudo initctl stop powerm and press enter

  5. Type exit and press enter

  6. Press ctrl + alt + ← (← is the back arrow where the F1 key would normally be)

  7. To turn power management on again, either restart the computer or repeat these steps replacing the command in step 4 with sudo initctl start powerm

Source: http://gabeortiz.net/2011/how-to-stop-your-cr48-from-going-into-suspend-on-lid-close/