Use the Cr-48 with Any 3G Carrier

Your Cr-48 is associated with Verizon Wireless by default. To use a SIM card to access another carrier's 3G network (for instance, if you're traveling abroad), follow these steps:

  1. Start your Cr-48 and sign in to your Google account

  2. Press ctrl + alt + t to open a terminal window

  3. Change your carrier association by entering this command: modem_set_carrier Generic UMTS

  4. Type exit and press enter

  5. Turn off your Cr-48 and insert the SIM card in the slot under the battery

  6. Restart your Cr-48. Click the network icon and see if the SIM card carrier is listed in the menu. Make sure mobile data is enabled.

  7. To switch your carrier back to Verizon, open a terminal window and type this command: modem_set_carrier Verizon Wireless