Use 3G Wireless in Ubuntu on the Cr-48

If you have installed Ubuntu via Jay Lee's easy-install method, 3G networking will work with the following steps:

  1. Start the computer and boot into Chrome OS

  2. Start the Mobile Broadband 3G Verizon connection

    • See this guide if you still need to activate your Verizon account

  3. Reboot into Ubuntu (do not shut down between your Chrome OS session and your Ubuntu session)

    • See this guide if you still need to install Ubuntu

    • See this guide to create easy shortcuts to switch between Chrome OS and Ubuntu

  4. Pull down the network connections menu and you should see Enable Mobile Broadband. Make sure this is checked.

  5. If a connection isn't already active, go into Edit Connections..., then to the Mobile Broadband tab and select the Add button. Go through the setup steps leaving the phone number and other settings as defaults.

  6. Your 3G connection should now be active. Disable any wifi connection to test 3G connectivity.

  7. If you reboot, shut down, or put the laptop to sleep you may need to repeat steps 1 through 4 to re-establish your 3G connection.